About OOSP!

OOSP! is intentionally cute & deliberately mischievous and I think my art and products reflect that. I am a gamer at heart and I cater to that crowd and their personalities, because that’s my personality as well. I believe people should be proud about the things they like and should decorate their lives accordingly. OOSP! contains an original art side with mascots with different personalities, as well as a fanart side. Lately OOSP has been trying to make the shift into original art and expand on the line up of animal mascot characters. Note: For events that require 100% original art and no fanart, I will absolutely abide by rules and only bring original works. For events that do not allow stickers to be sold, I can and will abide by rules. I have enough variety that I don’t need to sell stickers. I spent most of 2023 making this shift and I am now very confident in the original art side of OOSP. Currently, my entire setup consists of 50/50 original/fanart in terms of item count. You can view my art and products via my shop navigation, or by viewing my catalog at https://oosp.studio/catalog (last updated July 2023, will open new page)

Booth/Table Pictures and Mock ups

At my pop-up tables and booths, I prioritize a grab-and-go type of set up that allow guests to browse and shop effortlessly. I believe in providing a comfortable and interactive experience where guests can reach for products themselves and have a hands-on approach to shopping, much like an actual retail store. It allows them to explore what I have to offer at their own pace, which I believes fosters a more engaging and enjoyable shopping experience. I know not everyone wants to interact with the shopkeeper, so this type of display allows shy shoppers to also have a good experience as well. Having a little extra space enables this type of set up with the amount of products I offer and ultimately leaves a lasting impression on them. I am able to condense to a 6ft table, but my full set up requires at least two 6ft tables, or a 10×10 booth. I have done a variety of layouts for my setups.

Items that are/will be grab-and-go displayed:

Peeking DecalsMini Die Cut Stickers
Deco Sticker SheetsKeychains
Phone GripsSticker Books
Enamel PinsLicense Plate Frames
Mini Mascot PlushAcrylic Croc Charms
*items are currently in production phase and are expected to be available by mid-2024

Items that are not grab-and-go or displayed too far for customer reach:

Canvas Tote Bags Apparel (Hats, Shirts, Outerwear)
Fleece BlanketDeskmats

6 Feet Table Setups (slideshow gallery):

10×10 Indoor Booths (slideshow gallery)

MagFest 2024 (two 6ft table spots, slideshow gallery)

You can view more past setups at https://oosp.studio/showcase/table-booth/ (will open new page)

Current Products (view main shop for more @ oosp.studio)

Peeking DecalsDie Cut StickersApparel
DeskmatsCanvas Tote BagsAir Fresheners
BlanketsCharms / PinsPlushies
Phone GripsScrunchiesSticker Books
Acrylic Shoe Charms5×7 PrintsDeco Sticker Sheets
Mini Shiba Inu Plush Keychain with Little Tulip/Peach Bag

Future Product Pipeline for 2024

More Mascot PlushiesGacha machine gamesWindbreakers / General Outerwear
Travel BagMore Silly T-ShirtsPatterned Button-Up Shirts
More Enamel Pins, Charms, StickersNew Blanket DesignNew Deskmat Designs
Mini PrintsMore Sticker Deco Sheetslet me cook idk

Past Events (2023)

Super MagFest @ National Harbor, MDLvlUp Expo @ Las Vegas, NVWonderCon @ Anaheim, CA
FoodieLand @ Del Mar, CA (2)Anime Expo @ Los Angeles, CA626 Night Market @ Arcadia, CA (2)
EVO @ Las Vegas, NVNan Desu Kan @ Aurora, COTwitchCon LV @ Las Vegas, NV
OC Japan Fair @ Costa Mesa, CAAnime Pasadena @ Pasadena, CAAnime Expo Chibi @ Ontario, CA
San Diego Anime Con @ San Diego, CAJapanese Friendship Garden Holiday Market @ San Diego, CADreamHack Atlanta @ Atlanta, GA
Past events go back as far as 2018! I have vended at over 80+ events both indoors and outdoors.

Thank you so much for viewing my convention portfolio! I hope to hear back soon <3

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