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The catalog contains what is currently available for sale. It was last updated July 2023 and the estimated update will be June 2024. New product pipeline will be provided at the end. They are products that should be available by Jan 2025.

Main portfolio page: https://oosp.studio/folio/

A work in progress catalog can be viewed (desktop) or downloaded (mobile) here:

I would love to have 2 tables if I am accepted, but if not, I would be honored to just have one. Even if not accepted, thank you for taking a look at my portfolio!


OOSP! is intentionally cute & deliberately mischievous. I am a gamer at heart and I cater to that crowd and their personalities, because that’s my personality as well. I believe people should be proud about the things they like and should decorate their lives accordingly.

OOSP 50% Original 50% Fan Art

OOSP! contains an original art side with mascots with different personalities, as well as a fanart side. Fanart consists of art of characters from several different franchises: Nintendo (Mario, Kirby, Zelda, Pokemon, etc), Viz (One Piece, Chainsaw Man, Sailor Moon), Blizzard (Overwatch2), EA (Apex Legends), Riot Games (LoL, Valorant). There are some sprinkles of DnD & other types of games. I only bring these designs to gaming events. Lately, I have been focusing on creating more products with my character mascots! I believe I have a little of something for everyone~

Booth/Table Pictures and Mock ups

At my pop-up tables and booths, I prioritize a grab-and-go type of set up that allow guests to browse and shop effortlessly. I believe in providing a comfortable and interactive experience where guests can reach products themselves and have a hands-on approach to shopping, much like an actual retail store. It allows them to explore what I have to offer at their own pace, which I believes fosters a more engaging and enjoyable shopping experience. I know not everyone wants to interact with the shopkeep, so this type of display allows shy shoppers to also have a good experience as well. Having a little extra space enables this type of set up with the amount of products I offer and ultimately leaves a lasting impression on them. Below is my display from MagFest Prime 2024 (slideshow).

Critiques about this display: I did my best to display everything! I would bring a foam board to fill in the empty spaces of the grid walls where the hats are, so that the hats are not being overshadowed by the background. For the side display (table 2), I will be creating an opening to check people out. I think having two check out stations will help speed up customer experience, as a lot of people were waiting to pay this year. I would also get price signage that is easier to spot. I believe this whole side will be completely full of product!

Updates to art: For 2024, my business goal is to reduce business costs, so I will not be making new product, but instead adding more variety to the items I already have. This upcoming year, I will be updating the artwork for the peeking stickers to provide a new variety for customers to choose from. I will also be adding more originals. I will also be removing all phone grips. There will be a larger selection of stickers, charms, and license plate frames! I may also have rotated to different t-shirt designs by Jan 2025.

Items that are/will be grab-and-go displayed:

Peeking DecalsMini Die Cut Stickers
Deco Sticker SheetsKeychains
Enamel PinsSticker Books
Mini Mascot PlushLicense Plate Frames

Items that are not grab-and-go & displayed too far for reach:

Free Tote Bags* Apparel (Hats, Shirts, Outerwear)
Fleece BlanketDeskmats
*I provide free reusable shopping tote bags to customers who make purchases over $30-50, depending on the type of merch they purchase.


Honestly if you got to the end, thank you so much for even going through this!

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